Sean Spina & Crew

2014 Ucluelet Fishing from Sean Spina on Vimeo.

WestCoast Fish Expeditions from Ucluelet, BC, Canada took us out for an amazing two days of fishing again in July 2014. We have been fishing with Captain Kirk for 7 years. We always have a fantastic fish filled trips! WestCoast Fish Expeditions

Experience Fishing

WestCoastFish0725 WestCoastFish1495 WestCoastFish1526 WestCoastFish1614 WestCoastFish1719 WestCoastFish2321 WestCoastFish2542 WestCoastFish2834 WestCoastFish2922 WestCoastFish2956 WestCoastFish2991 WestCoastFish3021 WestCoastFish3963 WestCoastFish4649 westcoast-salmon-charter-b

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