Fish Care

Generally we bleed our fish as soon as they are brought onboard the boat. If time permits between bites, the salmon are gutted as soon as possible to preserve the quality of meat.

Once back at the cleaning table you can decide how you would like your catch cleaned and cut. There are several options on what you can do with your fish such as filleting, steaks, or in the round.

Bring your own coolers. The bigger the coolers the better, especially if you like to keep your salmon in the round. Not enough cooler space is all to common a problem. BRING LOTS OF COOLERS! Quality ice is supplied and fish are packed in cooler together with ice.

If you would like your catch frozen, we can package and label your fish and place them in the freezer until your ready to leave.

Vacuum Packing and Flash Freezing of your catch can be arranged at Far West Foods or Fishful Thinking.

Smoking and canning of your catch can be arranged immediately after the fishing trip. St.Jeans Cannery has a depot in Tofino or Port Alberni where you can drop off your fish. For more information on St. Jeans Cannery go to