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This time of the year is considered prime time for sports fishing here on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Fantastic inshore and offshore Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and halibut fishing, often only minutes from Ucluelet, make for non-stop action.

Large mixed runs of Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and halibut begin to migrate and feed in the Ucluelet and Tofino inshore and offshore areas, following thick balls of baits such as herring, pilchards (sardines), needlefish, squid and krill – all favourite delicacies of both species of salmon and the halibut as well .

Ucluelet has the most consistent and dependable fishing on the British Columbia coast due to its location and access to the migrating salmon and halibut, and the nutrient-rich offshore and inshore water.

Successful catch limits of Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and halibut are normal for this time of the year. Chinook salmon average from 5 to 50 plus pounds while halibut are generally 15 to 40 pounds on average.

At West Coast Fish Expeditions – based in Ucluelet and having fast access to Tofino areas as well we are “on the Hot Spot” to offer our customers excellent service with salmon and halibut fishing charters that produce!

Dear Matt:

My future father-in-law and I spent two fun days salmon fishing with your guide, Chris, last week. On top of helping Richard and me catch more than 120 pounds of chinook, Chris was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks to Chris, my place in my fiance’s family is now secure–now that I’ve proven I can bring home a good catch!

I will definitely recommend your company in the future to any of my friends looking for a great fishing experience.

Thank you very much.

Best, Itai “Tie” Maytal