What to bring

For full and half day charters it is a good idea to bring your own rain gear and rubber boots. It is not totally necessary as you may be blessed with sunny weather, but this is the west coast and its good to be prepared.I do carry spare rain gear and floater suits on board if necessary. Dress in layers so you can adjust to different weather conditions and activity levels. Believe me, you can work up quite a sweat reeling in a couple of halibut from 300 feet. Bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks in a medium size cooler for easy access and storage. Lunches and drinks can be supplied upon request. You will also need 2 or 3 large coolers for your catch. This is absolutely necessary unless you plan on having your catch smoked or canned. Smoking and canning can be arranged in Ucluelet, immediately after the fishing trip. Saltwater fishing license with salmon conservation sticker for each person fishing on the boat. Camera or video are always a good idea to capture all the fishing and wildlife action.

  • Rain gear and boots
  • Warm layered clothes
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Large coolers for fish storage
  • Saltwater fish license
  • Camera or Video