Chinook and Halibut are the main targets in May. Coho are still fairly small in size and therefore not really sought after. Mixed runs of both U.S. and Canadian chinook start to migrate down the west coast during this time, usually sticking around for a while as they aggressively feast on bait fish.

Needlefish, herring, and squid seem to be the most abundant feed this time of the year. Chinook salmon in May average between 8 to 20 pounds with the odd fish exceeding 30 pounds. Halibut average 20 to 30 pounds in May and start to migrate into the shallows in ever increasing numbers as the month progresses.Most fishing for chinook and halibut are done 5 to 23 miles offshore, though inshore fishing can also be very good inside Barkley Sound.

Fishing in May can be fast and furious for both chinook and halibut. This is my favorite time of the year because the fishing is great, the wildlife abounds and there are still very few boats around. Limits for both chinook and halibut are very common, especially if the weather cooperates. Limits are 2 chinook and 2 halibut per person a day, with a 2 day possession of 4 chinook and 3 halibut.