The fishing is red hot in July for both chinook, coho and halibut, especially on the offshore banks. Chinook average increases to between 20 – 25 pounds with numerous 30 to 40 pound fish taken. Large schools of chinook and coho migrate past this area to their rivers of origin.

Coho numbers increase to the point where it is hard to get your gear past them in order to catch chinook. Coho feed heavily and average anywhere between 5 and 10 pounds.

Halibut fishing does not slow down and continues to be very consistent throughout the month of July. Runs of large mature chinook can also be found close to shore along the rocks. To sum up July, the weather is usually calm and the fishing excellent.

The offshore action can be non-stop and it is not uncommon to have double headers of either chinooks and or halibut.Limits are 2 chinook, 2 coho(1wild,1 fin clipped inshore) and 2 halibut per person a day, with a 2 day possession of 4 chinook,4 coho and 3 halibut.