From Keith, Craig, Scott, Michael Delta/Langley/Seattle/Calgary


All four of us are unanimous in our determination our two days bouncing around on the Pacific Ocean chasing Halibut and Salmon will go on record as some of the best fishing we’ve ever experienced. The reality we all limited out both days was simply a value-added bonus to the opportunity to spend a couple of days watching ” Captain Kirk ” keep our lines in the water and coaching us to get our catches into the boat.

WestCoast Fish Expeditions is indeed a class operation Matt. ….you did deliver on your commitment to being a “Top Producer of Halibut and Salmon.” We all realize that circumstances beyond your control can result in less than limit catches and remain convinced the experience would still have been a memorable one for most who spend 8 to10 hours a day on the water with you and your guides.

Please thank Kirk for his knowledge, patience and fishing talent.

Keith, Craig, Scott, Michael


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