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We had a great time! Thanks for the adventure. Thanks to Chris for his service. We are planning to do a trip next year, so we’ll pin down the days and get back with you in early January. If all goes well, there will be eight of use, so two boats.

Again, thanks ,


Experience Fishing

WestCoastFish0064 WestCoastFish0776 WestCoastFish0944 WestCoastFish1730 WestCoastFish1784 WestCoastFish1813 WestCoastFish2336 WestCoastFish2446 WestCoastFish2838 WestCoastFish2976 WestCoastFish3292 WestCoastFish3269 WestCoastFish3337 WestCoastFish3943 westcoastfishboat3-02

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