From David & Terry

Hi Matt,

David & Terry Gilbertson here. Just wanted to say that “Captain” Kirk, took very good care of us -awesome guide. We were both looking for a great fishing vacation, and West Coast Fish, really served one up. Our two day fishing trip, landed us 155 lbs. of fish to take home, with 2 Tyee, and several other large Salmon. It blew our expectations of West Coast fishing out of the water. Fishing was so good on day one, I had to call back to my roomate in Vancouver, to go out and purchase a box freezer. Here are a few great pics of our trip, feel free to quote me, or put the pics on your website. We will be back, and looking forward to it. we had a great time – nice to meet you and fab fishing and weather. Don and Mike (not mark) couldn’t say enough about the trip – you’re a legend in our neighborhood – even megan wants to meet you!!!


David & Terry

Experience Fishing

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