From Franz and Csilla

Hi Matt,

Greetings from Csilla and Franz. We found our pictures in your guest book in the internet.They’re great and we thank you.We were very satisfied with our successful fishing and your work. Many of our friends are envying us for ourholidays and the big fish.We brought home all our fish, smoked and fresh. Now weare enjoying it, usually with a good white wine.We will surely be back. Maybe next year or at thelatest in 2006.

We wish you all the best,

Franz and Csilla

Experience Fishing

WestCoastFish0009 WestCoastFish0034 WestCoastFish0076 WestCoastFish0432 WestCoastFish0477 WestCoastFish0887 WestCoastFish1210 WestCoastFish1622 WestCoastFish1625 WestCoastFish1718 WestCoastFish1818 WestCoastFish2063 WestCoastFish3021 WestCoastFish4033 WestCoastFish4675

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