From jw


We had a great time! Thanks for the adventure. Thanks to Chris for his service. We are planning to do a trip next year, so we’ll pin down the days and get back with you in early January. If all goes well, there will be eight of use, so two boats.

Again, thanks ,


From Ron

Hi Matt,

Just a brief note on behalf of myself and my three buddies express our thanks for the great time we had while fishing with you on July 22 & 23/08. Kirk was a great Captain and did a superb job tracking down the halibut and Chinooks so that we were able to limit out both days. In summary the crew, boat and service were first class! It is the intention of some of us to fish with you again next year and will confirm dates and times later.

Hopefully you and/or Kirk can make it down to our place in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico this fall to take on some marlin. The best two months are November and December but I’m booked with other friends from the 12th of December through New Years.



From Vic, Jean, Brain, Lorne and Anita Jezowski

I am hoping that you will be able to forward to us the pictures that you took on the dock. We managed to get the fish home successfully, and boy does it taste good. It is so lucky for us that you have that processing plant there. Everyone wants to know who we went fishing with so I hope you will get some more customers through us.

Thanks again,

Vic, Jean, Brain, Lorne and Anita Jezowski

From Stu


John & I had a great time this past weekend. As you may have heard, I either ate something bad Saturday night or caught the flu – enough to take me out of the picture or the Sunday trip with Kirk. Still, lots of fish made the trip home and we had lots of fun doing it. Will look forward to getting together again.

By the way – slick website too.

All the best.


From Brian Usher


Matt Just a short note to thank you and Captain Kirk for the wonderfull trip we had. You certainly have a first class operation and we had first class results! We’ll be eating Salmon and Halibut for months. We’ll be back!


Brian Usher

From Best, Itai “Tie” Maytal

Dear Matt:

My future father-in-law and I spent two fun days salmon fishing with your guide, Chris, last week. On top of helping Richard and me catch more than 120 pounds of chinook, Chris was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks to Chris, my place in my fiance’s family is now secure–now that I’ve proven I can bring home a good catch!

I will definitely recommend your company in the future to any of my friends looking for a great fishing experience.

Thank you very much.

Best, Itai “Tie” Maytal

From Jim Powel


Thanks for a great charter. We have had fresh salmon every meal since!!! Now on way east to Ontario to try lake fishing, had to leave 40 kgs of fish with my daughter and husband in Victoria, so hope to refill lader with trout and pike etc. Again, many thanks and look me up when you come to New Zealand.



From Bill Geddie


Thanks for a great day yesterday. Chris was awesome and did everything he could do to get us to the fish. We wish the weather would have helped us out to go off shore, but that is mother nature. We will for sure be back soon, this time for two days. Thanks again and if you ever have deals on the go drop me a line.


Bill Geddie

From Gray Hunter

Hello Matt/Kirk/Barkley:

Just got back to work today but my sealegs are still with me . I absolutely enjoyed our little fishing trip, and have recommended some friends already for you’re charter. I will be booking a couple of half day trips with you in july and probabley one in September as soon as I know our scheduals my wife might come this time as well, being the weather will be better .I will make sure to book as soon as I can. It was a treat being on board you’re boat with two top guides and the infamus barkley the seal-hound doing his thing on the swimgrid ,that alone was worth the trip, what a dog!!!!!! If those pictures turned out please e-mail to me and I,ll try to figure this computer thingy out



From David & Terry

Hi Matt,

David & Terry Gilbertson here. Just wanted to say that “Captain” Kirk, took very good care of us -awesome guide. We were both looking for a great fishing vacation, and West Coast Fish, really served one up. Our two day fishing trip, landed us 155 lbs. of fish to take home, with 2 Tyee, and several other large Salmon. It blew our expectations of West Coast fishing out of the water. Fishing was so good on day one, I had to call back to my roomate in Vancouver, to go out and purchase a box freezer. Here are a few great pics of our trip, feel free to quote me, or put the pics on your website. We will be back, and looking forward to it. we had a great time – nice to meet you and fab fishing and weather. Don and Mike (not mark) couldn’t say enough about the trip – you’re a legend in our neighborhood – even megan wants to meet you!!!


David & Terry