From Wally


I was showing my son your web page and I saw the pictures of Wim and me. I also saw some pictrues of some other big rockfish. Looks like you are teaching your clients about the Liv’in Eye! You have fired me up for a trip next year to BC!


Experience Fishing

WestCoastFish0039 WestCoastFish0342 WestCoastFish0524 WestCoastFish0661 WestCoastFish0841 WestCoastFish1269 WestCoastFish1958 WestCoastFish2043 WestCoastFish3125 WestCoastFish3605 WestCoastFish4081 WestCoastFish4229 WestCoastFish4235 WestCoastFish4438 WestCoastFish4447

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