From Takeo

Hi, Matt.

Jessica and I just want to thank you and your team for a great experience on last Thursday. We were very happy with Chris and the 10 hour or so went by very fast. We will see you next year for sure and enjoy the winter. Maybe you can tell me when is the best time to come up.

Thank you again, Takeo.

Experience Fishing

WestCoastFish0421 WestCoastFish0553 WestCoastFish1085 WestCoastFish1826 WestCoastFish2106 WestCoastFish2585 WestCoastFish3118 WestCoastFish3433 WestCoastFish3533 WestCoastFish3538 WestCoastFish3964 WestCoastFish4070 WestCoastFish4199 WestCoastFish4410 WestCoastFish4735

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