From Spoons

Hello Olly,

Thanks for another great couple of fishing days.  We all had a great time.

We were bummed we didn’t get to share a relaxing breakfast with you on Thursday, but I guess that’s the way business goes sometimes.

Can’t wait for marshmallows, smiley’s, volcanoes, and a sea-sick passenger next year.



PS I am getting ready to put on a clinic next year!  Watch out Derby ‘Jerky Spurtz’ Don.

Experience Fishing

WestCoastFish0496 WestCoastFish0539 WestCoastFish0626 WestCoastFish0987 WestCoastFish1285 WestCoastFish1459 WestCoastFish1483 WestCoastFish1965 WestCoastFish2240 WestCoastFish2431 WestCoastFish2841 WestCoastFish2885 WestCoastFish3012 WestCoastFish3062 WestCoastFish3995

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