From John Stenvers

The day we showed up at Matt’s place his comment was something like “Oh crap” !!!!

You see I told Matt that there would be 5 guy’s going out fishing and he said ” Yah no problem right”

Then we showed up all of us over 6 feet tall averaging over 225 pounds and he had to try to find the fish in early June and do his best to get us our limits.

Well we did our research and Matt is the best guide in the area. We had both our limits in salmon and Hali’s in under 2 hours in some pretty harsh weather both days. Matt you are the best you are the MAN!!

And we couldn’t wait so we booked a trip for next year as soon as we got home.

Tight lines Matt be safe and focus and reel would you just reel focus focus we got you Matt looking forward to 2013.

Thank you for a great trip our wives are ok with us going again; John Stenvers

Experience Fishing

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