From Anna

Dear Matt “Oly” and Mark,

Thank you so much for looking after Danny and Brendan, they had a whale of a time and couldn’t stop talking about how great Mark was.

Brendan gave me some of the business cards that Mark gave him. We will make sure everyone who wants to fish in Ucluelet knows where to find you!


Experience Fishing

WestCoastFish0999 WestCoastFish1157 WestCoastFish1261 WestCoastFish1306 WestCoastFish1600 WestCoastFish1855 WestCoastFish1896 WestCoastFish2029 WestCoastFish2257 WestCoastFish2321 WestCoastFish2804 WestCoastFish3563 WestCoastFish3702 WestCoastFish4068 WestCoastFish4470

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