2016 Fishing Report

Westcoast Fish Newsletter for 2016 Season

2016 Sportfishing Outlook Ucluelet – Tofino Areas

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The 2016 fishing outlook looks very promising and even better than the 2015 season along Vancouver Islands west coast. We are expecting record numbers of both Chinook and coho salmon off the westcoast of Vancouver Island for the 2016 summer season.

2016 will see record returns of adult Chinook and Coho migrating and feeding past Ucluelet. The Columbia River and Fraser River chinook are expecting some very good returns this year. The Columbia river is forecast to an even bigger version of 2015’s record run of chinook. Washington state fish managers expect 1.6 million chinook to return from now to late fall. That’s a 26% increase from the 1.26 million record run in 2013. Added to that is a huge forecast of close to 1 million coho salmon returning to the Columbia River and we have the makings of an epic season. The chinook returns for the southern BC rivers and Fraser River look about the same as last year which means solid fishing for august and september. to top things off, the 2016 forecast for Fraser River and Barkley Sound sockeye look strong. Ocean survival rates appear to be good resulting in estimated returns of 22.5 million Fraser River sockeye and 1.5 million Barkley Sound sockeye. these large returns should result in some recreational fishing opportunities. the 2014 halibut fishery looks to be similar to 2015 season. There will be a small increase in size limits this season, which was done to use up the TAC more efficiently than 2015 season, and still provide enough TAC to extend halibut season through a full season. April 1 ,2014 the halibut max size is 133cm and 90 cm. the limit is 1 per day, 2 in possession and 6 per season.

Lingcod fishing has never been better of the WCVI, with the season opening april 1st. Lingcod fishing has been incredible both inshore and offshore the last few years, with the limits being 3 lingcod per day per person with a possession of 6 lings per person. Lingcod must be 65cm in length or approx. 26 inches. The sportfishing opportunities look great for the 2014 season! Get fired up!!! it would be great to get some early season anglers out for the month of May, JUNE and early JULY to take advantage and slay some of those 1.6 million returning Columbia River fish. Give me a call anytime and lets put together a trip of a lifetime.

Lastly, would like to thank my guests from last year for there continued loyalty and look forward to fishing with many of them again in 2016.

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